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Angelo Dulay Master 


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From a traumatic event that ended up arousing my interest, I understood that my personal experiences were common to many others and that if I was able to overcome that stage, I would be on another mental level; I understood that life has those processes that allow the evolution of being, from the psychological, mental and social plane.

And the most relevant thing is how it feeds back between parenting, personal development, and the fulfillment of goals. This simile led me to see the "OROBUROS", in all this interaction and human correlation.


When I turned 28 years of artistic career I made a stop, I also rethought terms, forms and elements of work and in 2014 I had a light when remembering materials seen at the University,  but that at the time were not my domain, subjects such as transparent liquid resins interested me (pet, plexiglass, colored acrylics,  also crayons, beads), pre-designed elements that could symbolize children's games and then enter into experimentation, it was to start all over again (...) and I thought again about how to unlearn what I learned.


"The experience is very motivating."


In 2012 I started a study on the development of an artistic palette that could express happiness and that will generate pleasant feelings in the psyche of the viewer, so that the craft will express ‘a universal language' and visual.

My intention is to create a personal world discovering that I was around, because the fact of being a single father sensitized me to see how my life and that of my children, were transformed and I wanted to show that at work,  to achieve a unique and unrepeatable open, finding a vein in the guideline of thoughts and path in my work,  to make it very personal.

I also studied the creative process of Picasso, Mondrian and the approach of constructivism and deconstruction, this led me to read about the being and time of Martin Heidegger, in which a thread is established from the anthological foundation to the ergo sum code, - Descartes-.


Aristotle's treatise, on time and the work and Kantian doctrine and the work of Derrida giving origin to TIME = Accumulation of experiences, equal to forgetting the sense of being as temporal, which proposes time as a problematic of temporality.

Jacques Derrida recovers and translates deconstruction giving as a starting point "the reduction to nothingness", a blank being without tastes, without purposes more than his parents and beings around him can show him.


Based on this and my commitment as an artist, I divide the life of being into three possible stages to express it in the work.



The creation of the being and its personality: where for the subject, the world is learning and exploration, where it dilutes an already abstract reality between success and error; being alienated by its parents, with its guidelines are  shapers of its character through games rewards and punishments, which are fed by past experiences but that gives as origin,  an individual being.

My work explains this stage with a photograph of a child who is in his game interaction either with kites or balloons etc., then the  vector I cut and cut the metal, with  laser and is full of a painting with spots that resemble the image of an abstract universe, I also use resins as complements.


After the passage of the subject through an experimental upbringing full of errors, successes and without any real experience in front of life, the being faces physical and psychic hormonal changes, with which it has to resolve its destiny. For this, based on Derrida, I propose three key questions that end up being the conceptual theoretical framework of all my work.




Solving the three unknowns right or wrong, the being determines its destiny and tries to achieve its goals. To express this I make a sculpture of intervention of objects with  toys, carts and lego dolls among others, which dialogue with each other and create a scenario where they pose a possible everyday problem (within the human spectrum and its possible solution), in cases where the being triumphs with the answer and others without it, to show that there is not always a solution and the  subject leaves  unfinished things that determine their destiny; As a reflection, I leave imprinted as a testimony the life of contemporary man. All this I put inside a capsule of transparent resin that is the representative medium of the universe that man builds.

This sculpture questions the viewer and invites him to propose different solutions to the problem. Proving that each unique and unrepeatable being, creates a confrontation within itself because each one has a vision of the possible situation, proof that this determines who would be up or down a scale of success according to the values of a consumer society.


This is a piece like the other works, independent but that communicate with each other to make an installation with the three, has its own personality, and speaks of the realization of the subject when overcoming the problem.

This work shows that life of achievements achieved to the extent of each one, where the character of INTERNAL WORLDS already sees who he is and has acquired a role in society and has taken that abstract world out appropriating him and having a job or a hobby with which he builds, learns and unlearns,  to make a constructivism in your life.


In this case, the pieces symbolize a personal universe, where the work in its entirety is the being in its acting.  With this I understood  that no one is linear or square in his psyche, so this leads me to forms that could be complete or unfinished in their construction. Exposing the theory that each being is a universe that emerges at this stage.

The inner universe that is unique as an exercise of the intimate perception that manifests the being in its expression of mental heterotopias. Being this semiotic and sociological analysis of the individual where the sum of the elements and experiences manages to create for itself a world, a collective universe, which when developing it includes us and shapes a common universe, creating a society that we end up sharing. This in turn feeds back into the world, being part of a common developmental gear and putting this into the child's life again to build his EXTERNAL WORLD, giving way to a  social 'Oroborus' in the collective unconscious.

To create this work, I use

Transparent resins that allow interaction with the backgrounds, crayons and symbolic elements that testify to the life of contemporary man, applied to the expression and communication of maieutic in general. The work ends up having a 3D effect that the photo cannot be captured, thus giving the exclusivity to the viewer, of having as a human the unique ability to see it and be reflected in universes of floating colors.


The work eggs   to the crayon gives me the opportunity to deal with various topics, according to the state of human age, from the problems of childhood that lead to ormore  serious ones, and how they influence  the  life of the adult and byitself in society.


Understanding that this society is the result of the action of each individualor that influences each other.

According to this approach, the individual is both subject and object, which is socially fused in his environment.  When this purpose is achieved the difference between  objective and subjective vanishes, while the personality is formed in the process of socialization by the reciprocal action of objective and subjective elements in communication, without ignoring the external economic factors that influence their behavior, then the  question is plated, does society flow through economic aspects or through the free development of the individual?

Then I would point out that the individual is amalgamated in his temperament by social guidelines, and ceases to live free for his needs  and the conformation of the being is deeply affected by the relief and breadth of the field of problems that this relationship entails. HUEVOS A LA CRAYOLA makes a specific sample pointing out or those problems or solutions to these states of confrontation, focusing on the social  base that is the family and the child.