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Diego Cano Master


Foto de Perfil Diego Cano 2023.jpg

Originally from Antioquia and with an outstanding artistic career in the field of Colombian art, graduated from the National University in Plastic Arts, Cano recreates us in his large-format proposals. the constant search immersed in the painting itself, palpable, which invites us to go through the material representative gesture the relationship between representation and pictorial body.


In his artistic evolution he goes from the recursive with the materials to the expressive charged with matter, breaking down the plane between figuration and abstraction, between planes of figuration and abstraction, these are important tools for the search for his being as an artist. .


“Diego Cano in his work leads us to wonder how the material used determines the experience and the language, as viewers we contemplate the technical complexity and creativity that are necessary for all materials to respond to the human will, the artist lets the need for expression freely, thus in this way, confronts the image of contemporary man, the dystopian landscapes and the deformation of the faces of power.” (extract from the text episodes of the matter. by Elizabeth Garzón)


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