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Embel Belandria Master


Belandria has assumed with rigor, courage and determination the objective of building a pictorial work from the appreciation and consideration for the expressive possibilities. The germ of this endeavor began at the Cristóbal Rojas School of Plastic Arts, from which she graduated in 2004 (with a mention in Drawing and Painting).

Later, he continued his studies at the Experimental University of the Arts: (Unearte), the house of studies where she graduated, mentioning Painting, in 2011. 

From this last formative experience his conviction to express himself through the possibilities of painting itself was born from the possibilities of color, gesture and stain as elements of expression in which material densities are favored, dynamism of a Chromatism particular climate and the gestural spontaneity that uses procedures, materials, techniques and tools far from conventionalisms, with which it is possible to capture a personal imprint.

He then completed his master's degree in art mention (Plastic Arts) at the Libertador Experimental Pedagogical University (UPEL) culminating in 2018.

Thus, Ender has sought to study the organic transformations of color and its relations with the (everyday) environment, as a principle from which its unpredictable qualities are developed, associating this fact with certain artistic procedures that sink motifs into the unconscious, memory and consciousness. experience. This allows him to extract new sensations, emotions or plastic perceptions, starting from the spiritual universe of intimacy and creative intuition using the portrait as a pretext. With her portrait, her intention is also to load them with fantasy.


  • SCHOOL OF VISUAL ARTS “Cristóbal Rojas Federal District, Caracas. 2000 – 2004. Title: Medium Technician in Visual Arts. Mention: Drawing and Painting.

  • NATIONAL EXPERIMENTAL UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS “Armando Reverón” Federal District, Caracas. 2005 - 2011. Title: DEGREE IN PLASTIC ARTS.” Painting Mention. Capital District, Caracas. 2011.

  • LIBERTADOR EXPERIMENTAL PADAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY. Capital District, Caracas 2014. Title: MASTER OF ARTS Mention: Plastic Arts. Caracas. 2014-2018.

  • LIBERTADOR EXPERIMENTAL PADAGOGICAL UNIVERSITY. Capital District, Caracas 2014. Doctorate in Latin American Art. (In progress).

  • 1995. Book, Language and Novel Week Update. Trujillo. Duration: 30 hours

  • 1995. "Educational Guidance." National Open University. Trujillo. Duration 43 hours

  • 1995 - 1996. Elements of Expression. School of Plastic Arts "Asdrúbal Colmenares". Trujillo State.

  • 1998 - 1999. Competitor. Social Training Course. "Yarikaje". Bolivar state

  • 2008. Acting Course for Beginners. Ana Julia Rojas Workshop.

  • 2011 2016. French course. French alliance.

  • 2016. Portuguese Course. Bolivarian University of Venezuela. (In progress)

  • 2019. Musical studies. (instrumentalist, flute) (In progress)


  • 1990. Substitute Teacher. "Rosario Carrillo Heredia" School, Trujillo State

  • 1992. Substitute Librarian. "Rosario Carrillo Heredia" School, Trujillo State

  • 1999 Social Volunteer. Muralist Painting. Indigenous symbology. “Causa Amerindia” Foundation, Tauca Bolívar State

  • 2001 - 2003. Illustrator and Graphic Designer. Editorial Proveeduca, Caracas

  • 2003 Painter, Draftsman and Cartoonist. Los Caobos Park, Caracas

  • 2004 Muralist Painter and Advertising Designer. “Causa Amerindia” Foundation, Tauca Bolívar State

  • 2004 - 2005. Painter, Draftsman and Cartoonist. Los Caobos Park, Caracas

  • 2005. Facilitator of Children's Drawing Workshops, La Agüita Sector. Baruta. Edo. Miranda. Simón Bolívar University (USB). Department of Social Development

  • 2005 - 2006. Facilitator of Children's Drawing Workshops. Elevation 905. El Paraíso Parish. Sponsored by IARTE

  • 2009. Children's Drawing Workshop Facilitator. Caravan Project. Ministry of Communes

  • 2009 - 2011. Plastic Arts Facilitator. Indigenous University of Venezuela. Cano Tauca. Edo. Bolivar

  • 2011 - 2012 Children's Drawing Facilitator. Popular Knowledge School Project. Ministry of Communes. Guzman Blanco neighborhood. Height 905

  • 2013. Cartoon Workshop Facilitator. Holiday Workshops. National Art Gallery. Av. Mexico. Fine arts.

  • 2014. Drawing facilitator. Training project within the communities. FOUND YOU. La Trilla and San José del Ávila. Parish. High grace

  • 2016 - 2017. Professor of Artistic Education and Technical Drawing. Madison College. The Coffee Plantation Caracas.


  • 2009. Exposición Colectiva. Motivo Homenaje a Rigoberto González. Galería Red de Arte.

  • 2009. Exposición Colectiva. Motivo. Reapertura de los Espacios Culturales del Nuevo Circo.

  • 2010. Exposición Colectiva. Motivo. Apertura de Espacio Cultural techos Rojos. Colectivo Urbe-emergente. Hotel Alba Caracas.

  • 2011. Exposición Colectiva. Motivo Visiones Bicentenarios. Museo Arturo Michelena. Caracas. Colectivo Urbe-emergente. 

  • 2011. Exposición Colectiva. Motivo Bicentenario. Sala del Consejo Municipal Estado Aragua.

  • 2011. Exposición Colectiva. Motivo Salón Municipal de Caracas, “Juan Lovera”.

  • 2011. Exposición Colectiva. Motivo Jubilo Conmemoración de la Muerte del Armando Reverón. Consejo Municipal de la Guaira. Casa Guipuzcoana.

  • 2011. Exposición Colectiva. Motivo. 1ra Bienal de PDVSA Oriente. Museo Mateo. Manaure. Maturín. Estado Monagas.  

  • 2013. Exposición Semi-individual. Motivo. Día del Artista Plástico. Titulada: De las Abstracción y sus poéticas. Banco Industrial de Venezuela. Av. Universidad. Caracas.

  • 2017. Exposición Colectiva. Motivo. Día del Artista Plástico. Museo de Caracas. Concejo Municipal. Plaza Bolivar. Caracas.

  • 2016 - 2017. Exposición Individual. La poética de la Mancha, el gesto y el color. Museo Universitario: Jacobo Borgues. Distrito Libertador. Caracas.

  • 2021 - 2022. Exposición individual. Personalidades y algo más. Palacio Nacional. Medellín Antioquia.

  • 2022 Exposición individual. Abstracciones. Novo Hotel. El poblado, Medellín Antioquia.

  • 2023 Exposición individual. Fantasías y Retratos. Novo Hotel. El poblado, Medellín Antioquia.

  • 2023 Exposición individual. Fantasías y Retratos. Hotel Nutibara Medellín Antioquia.

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