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Patricia Giovanzani Master

Her work is characterized by the abstraction of the themes that call her attention, such as cities and her experiences, captured with vibrant colors of acrylic and oil on canvas, accentuated with soft and strong ink features, using brushes, spatulas and sponges. . She dabbles in different styles which makes her multifaceted, her favorite being the abstraction of those special moments in cities.


In Colombia she has participated in Zona D Usaquén, ArtVic- Art Fair- Casa Salvino, Lighting Exhibition- Fundación Santafé de Bogotá, Arte al Aire (Expo Congress of the Republic of Colombia). She has participated in different virtual exhibitions in Mexico with Arte Mason (Guillermo Mason) for which she has received Honorable Mention, Virtual Art Exhibition with Fundación Sucrea; I participate as a writer in the book AWAKENINGS 2020 in one of its 62 stories of experiences in the pandemic- author: Jackee Grajales, I participate in the SOFARTE international art exhibition dreaming of a better world in 2021, I participate in IAVARTS exhibitions virtually internationally 2021. I participate in MADS Art Gallery expo Sacrifice 2021, I participate in XII International Biennial of Art III Salon El Arte en el Miedo Ambiente - Galeria Café Libro, in the exhibition of the Naval Museum in Cartagena Colombia Mujer Siglo XXI- in the exhibition Touring America with IcalmArte and the ColombiaArt gallery at the National Palace of Art in Medellin Colombia at the BA Open Art 22 exhibition in Buenos Aires Argentina. In the exhibition In June Todos a Argentina with Folium Art cultural space 2022, in the exhibition Viaje al Origen at the National Palace of Art and Fashion in Medellin Colombia as a special guest artist, also participating in the largest mural in the world in Sinaloa Mexico 2022 , All face-to-face and various articles in 600 seconds with art, Folium Magazine and icalmarte Magazine See annex: exhibitions and recognitions

She is part of the artist associations IAVARTS based in Florence Italy, SUCREA Fundación based in Sucre Colombia, ICALMARTE based in Barcelona Spain.

She certified by MOMBO ART GALLERY as Art Curator, February 2022.


Her pseudonym Patricia Giovanzani with which she signs her works.

She was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a Colombian father and an Argentine mother. An architect from the Universidad Piloto de Colombia, immersed in construction and financial companies, she opted for art.

She has been a plastic artist since she was a child as a hobby of hers, becoming a daily reality sharing it with family and friends who over time encouraged her to do it fully. Today this hobby has become a pleasant and sustainable way of life.


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