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Saúl Restrepo Master


Foto de Perfil - Saúl Restrepo Master.jpg


"In his world of tenderness,

paint the majesty master

with his brush of sweetness

embodies charm and subtlety”

The master Saúl, paints artworks in oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, fresco murals. His brush affectionately embraces all these painter's techniques, he is also a sculptor, when he slides his charm with a mannerist tinge, moving figures emerge as if wanting to caress the artist's palette.



  • Galería Colombianart – Gran Hotel Medellín

  • Centro Comercial Mayorca

  • Centro Comercial Punto Clave

  • Centro Comercial Aventura

  • Centro Comercial Aves María

  • Centro Comercial Florida

  • Concejo de Sabaneta

  • Hotel Nutibara

  • Cámara de Comercio del Aburra Sur

  • La Barquereña (Casa de Cultura de Sabaneta)

  • Exhibition of services, at the Colombian Consulate, in Miami, Florida.

His work becomes more relevant when anointed with bucolic culture, they emerge with tenderness and color: Farmhouses, playgrounds, the church of a small town, parks with a rock-peasant charm, Madonnas, Christs, Landscapes, Myths, Nautas and Oleajes , and oh surprise for Spain, when Saúl gives life to a righteous Quixote and righter of wrongs, rejecting tricks and tricks, an awakened champion emerges.


Master Saúl showing all his expressionist exquisiteness with tenderness of color, moves away from the ethereal and with his magical brush he slides his enchanting realism.

With that sweetness that the artist offers us, we cordially invite you, so that you know, his bewitching brush, with the tenderness of color.


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