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Cesar Figueroa

Retrato C_Figueroa.jpg

Multidisciplinary creative based in Medellín. His artistic display has taken place in individual and collective exhibitions in various municipalities of Antioquia and in cities such as Cali, Bogotá, Rimini (Italy), Mexico, New York and Miami (United States).

He is an active practitioner of tai-chi chuan and his research goes hand in hand with lighting technology and theater; graffiti, muralism, body painting, tattoo and classical painting. He considers the artistic search as a technical and anthropological laboratory, a path that allows discovering the human being in himself and within society.



(Guest Artist) "Give birth"  / Individual exhibition pictorial work / Compujer / Jericó, Antioquia.



(Muralist) Delirio Vallenato / Personal project / Valledupar, Colombia.

(Muralist) Untitled Personal Project / Duitama, Colombia.

(Muralist) Untitled / Personal Project / La Dorada, Colombia

(Muralist) The Earth belongs to no one, Love belongs to Everyone / Invitation to the Festival "Nuqui Florece” Quibdó, Colombia.

(Muralist) Diverse / Personal project / Bucaramanga, Colombia.



(Muralist) Ideology Artist selected by APP agency/ Medellín, Colombia.

(Muralist) Personal Project Unit with the support of Project Attica / Harlem, NY, USA.



(Muralist) "Barranquilla” Selected Artist agency APP Med.

(Muralist) "Connections Facade Historical Archive of Medellín, Antioquia.

(Muralist) "Mamábuela" City Hall of Envigado Urban Project through Producciones, Antioquia



(Muralist) "Windows of History" Baca de Prado Cultural and Artistic District, Sector Prado Centro Medellín.

(Muralist) "Autonomy” Invitation Artistic Festival Agua Bonita paints itself in colors, Florencia, Caquetá.

(Muralist) "Joys of the Swamp" Mayor of Caucasia, Antioquia.

(Muralist) "Aires de la Ciénaga" Mayor's Office of Caucasia, Antioquia.

(Muralist)"The skin of water in dewdrops" Envigado City Hall Urban Development Project through LaPropiaCo. Producciones.

(Muralist) "Semilla Vital" Urban Project of the Envigado City Hall through LaPropiaCo. Producciones.

(Guest artist) Performance "Lamento del Rio" ExpoCultura, Botanical Garden, Medellín



(Invited artist) Opening exhibition of the Expreso Oriente event, Casa T, Bogotá.

(Muralist) "The aroma of the Prairie" Artistic project of Prado Cultural and Artistic District, Sector Prado Centro Medellín

(Guest artist) Collective Exhibition "Equus” / Baga06 Gallery, Mexico City

(Guest artist) Collective Exhibition "Todos Latinos" / Baga06 Gallery, Mexico City

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