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Elizabeth Garzón Master 


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My artistic work revolves around the constant transformation of a plastic language far from reality, without imitating nature or other objects, always seeking independence from established concepts and forms and developing a symbolic daily life of emotions and experiences in the work of art.


My expressive search began with the importance of color and the spontaneous line. The matter and the textures have always been recurrent in the pictorial, because the constant has been the experimentation with different materials and techniques.

Oil on canvas, wood or another support, as well as acrylic and watercolors, are the predominant materials that I generally use in creative terms.

As a principle in my work, critical thinking is present regarding the relationship of the human being with nature and the landscape, exploring in this case images of the local landscape in constant deterioration, each form evokes how the urban and city gives way to the transformation that With various elements, it annuls the initial atmospheres provided by the exuberant vegetation characteristic of the region where I live and live.

The contact with the local identity, bearer of patrimonial traditions, has influenced my artistic style that has marked the particularity of my paintings, giving the motifs versatility in drawing and line, moving to abstraction. The brushstroke of vibrant color in a volcano, an invasive architecture in the landscape appears inscribed in parceled spaces, recurring shapes in the landscape whose geometric synthesis and expressive color simulate a singular expression of a culture marked by its geography.

The geometric elements and other schematics such as lines, points, circles and signs are the result of a process of artistic reflection, where the symbol is recurring in forms that are repeated in a series of paintings inspired by everyday life represented in the abundance and fertility of a territory that has preserved its cultural customs.

The symbology, the geometric figures and the almost pure colors reach the abstraction of mountains, volcanoes, churches and carnival created from the initiative of continually transforming the plastic language that does not imitate nature, achieving an independent deconstruction with a synthesis and geometry that develops a concept of everyday life linked to forms and human feeling as a symbol integrated into emotion and existence.

My artistic career began in 1986 with the exhibition ARTISTAS NARINESES. Itinerant work organized by the Bank of the Republic, representing Nariño at the national level as one of the selected artists with the work "How we love each other".


In the same year, 1986, my work was selected to represent the University of Nariño, Faculty of Arts in the Youth Festival, III University Art Show, in the ICFES Bogotá cultural week, obtaining an honorable mention for my artistic proposal in Sculpture modality.


• Master's Degree in Plastic Arts 1987

• Bachelor of Plastic Arts 1996

• Diploma in Cultural Management 1998

• Postgraduate in Latin American Studies 2007


• Agreement Ministry of Culture - University of Los Andes
Cultural Entrepreneurship Course for Local Development
Development of projects and business plans to strengthen companies and cultural industries in Colombia

• University of Alicante - General Foundation - Spain
Andean Cultural Management Foundation and Cinar Sistemas
Seminar on Public Relations in Local Development. Social responsibility.
Virtual Observatory for Technology Transfer

• Directorate of Regional Development Ministry of Culture
Departmental Day of Culture of Nariño.


• Government of Nariño, Undersecretary of Pedagogy and Culture.
Entrepreneurship workshop for cultural, artistic and creative initiatives.


• Ministry of Culture of Colombia and the Department of Arts Artistic Education Group - Cali First Regional Meetings of Artistic Education "A Right of All"


• Municipal Mayor of Pasto and Corpocarnaval
Global Carnival Meeting Days.


• CASE Teacher Update Program
Departmental Workshop on PEI Review, Area Plans and Study Plans.


• Cultural manager from 2001 to date.


• Member of the zonal administration committee of the COOMEVA Group Pasto area.


• Member of the recreation and culture committee of the Coomeva Zona Pasto Group, leading the cultural exchange projects, "Exposed Women" and "Coomeva Cultural Week, whose trajectory and process are still in force since 2014 to date, promoting talent from Nariño.


• Ambassador of art in America "Painting the bicentennial"


• Extensive experience in research and structuring of cultural projects with an impact on tangible and intangible heritage. Experience as a teacher in the areas of artistic education, pedagogical research, university teaching practice and humanistic training from the chair of urban anthropology.


My artistic style is related to the expressionist movement where the detail is in the line and the spontaneous color, adding the characteristic ingredient of experimentation with materials, giving my works unconventional textures and shapes.

My themes are related to the exuberance, feelings and emotions generated by nature, humanity and the landscape, within a permanent critical sense, highlighting the sociocultural bases.


I have exhibited in several cities of the country also internationally in collective exhibitions and five solo


Exhibitions 2021

• On-site Collective Exhibition

Artistic Project South Image Panamazonica Bomarzo

Cultural Center Jericho Antioquia

November 2021

• Collective virtual exhibition paying homage to the cities of the world on Facebook:

The Global Showcase of the Arts.

New cultural era September 27, 2021

Portal of the arts

• Virtual exhibition in Facebook groups:

The global showcase of the arts

new cultural era

Portal of the arts August 26, 2021


• Tribute to ancient worlds with the Carlos Sánchez Gallery.

Hortensia Aguilar. Louis Duran



July 27, 2021

• Intercultural artistic call for the bicentennial of America

Free People Peru

July 19 to 24, 2021

• International exhibition the color festival

Malaga Spain 2021.

Director Mar Margui López. June 3, 2021

• Shahd, world artistic meeting created to promote peace.

Artistic project Transformation of the South. The Nada Fine arts foundation. for the organizing arts of this festival

Exhibition in Syria May 19, 2021

• Annual Exhibition Exposed Women 2021

Curated by Elizabeth Garzon Yepes

May 5, 2021

• Individual face-to-face exhibition at the Piannisimo

Pasto-Nariño cultural center

April 9, 2021

• Giving Hands Exhibition

House of Culture of the municipality of Pasto

March 11, 2021

• In the private company Grupo Coomeva in the Pasto area, she leads the artistic curatorial project MUJERES EXPOSED. annual exhibition

Exhibitions 2022

• Virtual Exhibition Facebook New Cultural Era

New Cultural Era

Tribute to Carnival

February 2022

• International Women's Day Commemoration Traveling face-to-face exhibitions Ecuador

Museums and Houses of Culture of Carchi and Imbabura, March 2022

• Binational meeting "Tenderness of color beams"

Cultural integration Colombia Ecuador

May 2022

• Collective Exhibition and Curatorship "

Exposed Women

June 2022

• Virtual exhibition "World Icons"

In New Cultural Era.

Selected for the virtual museum Carlos Sánchez Gallery.

Universal Consortium of Science and Fine Arts


Donation of a work of art for children suffering from cancer. ST Jude children's Research Hospital Houston USA. Sicardi/ Ayers/Basino Art Gallery and Art Seven. Title of the work: Sur Escondido Technique: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 31x23 cm Year of execution: 2020


• Administrative Directorate of Culture for the permanent work in the visual arts 

• Prize - Distinction to the Cooperative Spirit

• Codestaae Cooperation of Ecuador Juan Lorenzo Lucero Museum of Colombia

Diploma of recognition for his valuable support and personal and institutional contribution in the binational conferences on historical themes of the Pasto people.

• Recognition as Speaker "Citizen Meetings" Forming Carnival Culture.


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