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Norman Botero Master


Juan Carlos Palacios Master.jpg

The message of each work is in itself a message that is transmitted, like the same experience that the work has given me. In relation to the universe, it is the result of my past, my present, my future and my dreams. Like the relationship that exists between the mind and the universe. We are part of nature, and everything depends on everything. We are awakening the mind with the universe, in search of a new meaning. We are developing a sixth sense.

The search for that sixth sense shows us how we are going to interpret dreams, perceptions, sensibilities, relationships between humans. It is that same dawn that the universe forces us to, it is the state of consciousness in this new era.


Juan Carlos Palacios

Human figures, loose and anatomically legible, camouflaged between ocher colors and textures, white and gray siennas, as if hiding from reality, as if fleeing from the atmosphere, Palacios recounts in his colorful dialogues, which debate between the figurative and the classical, between the narrative and the chimerical seem like wind dreams, like vanes that transport and channel water to transform it into kinetic energy. So. These figures transport and transform the canvases into multifaceted movements of men and women who merge into their bodies the vital and creative energy of this painter, who projects the silhouettes and bodily reliefs into a dimension that is easy to understand for any unsuspecting person. In his painting, he manifests his emotions and tells his life stories, with strokes and lines of great impasto and definition.

Joaquin Romero Diaz


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