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Norman Botero Master


Foto ded Perfil Juan Noreña.jpg

Juan Fernando Noreña Quesada, started in Medellín in 1976, where he graduated as a Plastic Artist from the National University in 2003 and later complemented his studies with a Master's Degree in Visual Arts from the Federal University of Bahia, Brasil in 2013.

His work explores the urban landscape, from a personal perspective, vindicating the act of walking as an aesthetic attitude, as going to find the reason. In his work, nocturnal motifs of streets and corners are frequent, revealing everyday life as a poetic experience.

His work is in private collections in Colombia, Brasil, Finland and the USA.


"Transits" Proartes center, Cali, 2018
"Night Whites" UdeA library, 2016
"Urban cuts" Cañizares room, Salvador de Bahía, Brasil.


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