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Norman Botero Master



The houses and the flat corners, the landscape and the rounding of folds that overflow after the austere opinion of a common unconscious denote from their own experience dreamlike spaces in the possible starting station, to understand that on the individuality of each box the detail more of sensation than matter.

The polyptych "Embedded" denounces the random procedure of the variable measures where each piece of 42 x 42 cm allows to cover a square that is dispersed for the freedom of a different assembly both horizontally and vertically according to the metaphorical model of a specific curatorship.

In "The Poetics of Space" by Gastón Bachelard, light is shed on the concept of time and space "We are the diagram of the functions of living, that house and all other houses are nothing more than variations of a fundamental theme" "The word habit It is too worn a word to express that passionate bond of our body that does not forget the unforgettable house”.

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