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 Óscar  López Master


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Lopez's artworks, which he calls "Pure Abstraction" (The color flight), its dynamic forms and the transparency of color, remind the flight of starlings (small birds given in Europe), whose movements make them spinning, descending and flying, forming a changing cloud in the air and embark on their spectacular acrobatics and in the transparency of color to harmonious and cadenced movements of the Northern Lights with the appearance in the sky of spots and luminous columns of various tonalities on polar nights.



Plastic Arts at the Institute of Fine Arts in Medellín

Artistic research in the United States

Sculpture Studies (2 years) in Brussels, with the Spanish master Emilio Barrero

Engraved with Dorieé Acosta in Medellin.


Individual: 43 individual Exhibitions

Collectives: 108 Group Exhibitions




  • Mention for third place in a contest in the city of Mechelen (Belgium). 1981

  • Medal for the joint work of painting and sculpture in the city of Charleroi (Belgium). 1982.

  • Medal of participation in the biennial city of Charleroi (Belgium). 1984

  • Diploma of participation in the inauguration at the Cristal Museum in the city of Charleroi. 1984

  • Second prize for sculpture in the Regional of Orient. (St. Vincent, Ant.). 1993.

  • Selected departmental Salon of plastic arts in Guatapé 1994.

  • First prize in the program "UNI". Painting. (Rionegro Antioquia) 1996

  • Selected departmental Salon of plastic arts-Palace of Culture Rafael Uribe Uribe-Medellín. 2000 recognition with silver medal as a founding member of brushes for peace, by FENALCO ANTIOQUIA. 2002

  • Special recognition of the Antioquia governorate for participation in the second youth camp of Nonviolence, and as one of the managers of the School of Life Project. 2003

  • Recognition of the art critic LEONEL ESTRADA in his current art Dictionary of the Year 2004, for the inclusion of the term bimorphism created by the artist Oscar Lopez in 1993.

  • Winner of the 7th Seed Capital Contest-Medellín City Hall. 2011

  • Order to merit Don Juan del Corral, City Council of Medellín. 2016

  • Motion of recognition of the Congress of the Republic. 2016

  • Order of Civic merit Jorge Robledo Silver category by the departmental assembly of Antioquia. 2016

note:Several of his works are in the USA. UU, and Belgium (to highlight; The Belgian minister of Culture JEAN PAUL DEMOQ acquired two of his works, one for the museum of the city of Charleroi and another for his particular collection.


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