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Artist: Mauricio Solarte

Technique: Acrylic on canvas
Measures: 100 x 80 Cms
Year: 2023
Country: Colombia
Price: USD $1.800,00


    Legend of the Goblin.

    He is a character in popular beliefs, especially among rural inhabitants.

    They identify him as a small statue-like being resembling a child who wears a large hat, sometimes with a ruana and boots. The description of him is not accurate.


    He is usually seen riding a horse, sometimes the horses appear with braids in their manes that he makes at night with knots that cannot be loosened and must end up being cut. Sometimes he appears in the ravines, he likes to bother the bathers in the river by throwing stones at them, he also throws stones on the roofs of the houses, he plays with the children, hides things and falls in love with pretty girls, bothers them and stalks them. all some with specific names that change from municipality to municipality. To scare him away from the stalking, they must place a treble or dull guitar so that when he comes to play it he leaves because he doesn't like the way it sounds.


    It is said that he is not bad, rather playful, mischievous and mischievous.


    When he appears at night he emits screams that cause fear.
    It is said that this being was previously an angel who had to be expelled from heaven due to the envy he felt towards God. His punishment was to go down to earth to wander through the fields and towns.


    For the indigenous cultures of the region, the duende is a protective guardian spirit.


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    1. Original work packed according to its type

          a. Sculpture - Guacal

          b. Paintings - Rolled

    2. Work certificate issued by the artist.

    3. Heritage and culture certificate for the departure of the works from the country.

    4. Commercial certificate and appraisal by the ColombianArt Gallery.

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