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Artist: Jerónimo Acero Duran

Technique: Acrílico Y Aerógrafo Sobre Lienzo
Measures: 100 x 80 Cms
Year: 2023
Country: Colombia
Price: USD $1.800,00


    El Mohán or El Poira: The pursuer of women


    This character is the most legendary, known and respected in Tolima. It can be said that he is the most important character in Tolima mythology. He is also called the Poira. He is a human-shaped being, with a sunburned face, long hair, piercing and mischievous eyes. People say that he is a great pursuer of women.


    Poira is the mischievous and loving Mohan. He steals the tranquility of young women, stupidizes them, fools them and attracts them to him with tricks. His exploits are well known and, until recently, his existence could not be doubted given the versions of the peasants.


    Where did Mohan live?

    They say that the Mohán lived in the deepest and most dangerous pools of some rivers and ravines where he had caves or internal caverns that only he knew and considered as his own. There are many girls that he has kidnapped, thus forming an endless number of legends, each more fabulous, unreal and fictional.


    The Mohán appears along different rivers and streams smoking thick tobacco to scare away insects. He charms and falls in love with the women who usually go to these places to wash clothes and then take them to him.


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          b. Paintings - Rolled

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    4. Commercial certificate and appraisal by the ColombianArt Gallery.

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