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Artist: Cristian Espinoza Flores


Technique: Mixed (Illustration - Acrylic)
Measures: 100 x 80 Cms
Year: 2023
Country: Ecuador
Price: USD $1.800,00




    When they were a free people, the old wise men had the ability to communicate with the birds, they obtained advice from them and communicated to them what was happening high in the sky. One of these birds told an old man that a giant tiger lived in the sky, who walked at night, when everything was in darkness.


    One of those nights, during the feline's nocturnal walk, he couldn't find enough food to calm his hunger, hours passed and he couldn't feed himself. After waiting for so long, dawn came and the tiger saw the Sun appear, walked towards it and swallowed it whole in one bite. As a result, the Earth was plunged into total darkness.


    For many days, the Tsáchilas lived in darkness, but when they couldn't take it anymore because their food ran out, they made a decision. After a meeting between the wisest shamans, they realized that the only way to save themselves was to create their own sun; So, they chose the strongest young man, the son of a single mother. They began the ritual that would allow the boy to become the Sun. When the ritual ended, his face began to shine with great intensity, it acquired more and more light and his body rose towards the sky. The joy of the Tsáchilas was profound, thinking that the next day they would finally have light and warmth from their resplendent Sun.


    Despite their hopes, they spent three more days in darkness, but on day number four, they were able to see their new Sun. However, the joy was very short, the light of the Tsáchilas Sun was so brilliant that no one could leave their homes. houses because they were instantly blinded.


    Once again the witches met, they came to the conclusion that the young Sun had both eyes open and that the light coming from them was too intense. The oldest and wisest shaman took a rock and threw it at one of the eyes of the sun. boy, so it will close forever. The launch was perfect and from that day on they were able to live again in tranquility and harmony with nature.



    From the different worldviews that exist on the planet, stories are discovered that surpass our perception of reality, however; For those who live their culture and customs, it is part of them and their history that despite the years and the transformations of the world, they remain alive in their territories and are part of their historical legacy, in this history the important elements for this culture merge to express their importance in the way of seeing life, spirituality and the importance of nature show a great lesson about those beasts that, disguised and hidden in the shadows of darkness, attack and destroy that way of life in which they cohabit and they resist alongside us; and it teaches us that regardless of the darkness in which we live, human beings resist and are obliged to remain united to live better even if we have to lose and sacrifice many of us.


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    1. Original work packed according to its type

          a. Sculpture - Guacal

          b. Paintings - Rolled

    2. Work certificate issued by the artist.

    3. Heritage and culture certificate for the departure of the works from the country.

    4. Commercial certificate and appraisal by the ColombianArt Gallery.

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    The shipping service is carried out in a personalized way through the lines WhatsApp + 57 301 769 05 32, + 57 301 220 41 50 ColombianArt Gallery


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