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Artist: Pablo Martínez Chavarrea

Technique: Mixed (Illustration - Acrylic)
Measures: 100 x 80 Cms
Year: 2023
Country: Ecuador
Price: USD $1.800,00


    Legend “WIRACOCHA”


    Before the Incas reigned, they say that, in the beginning, Wiracocha created a dark world and after ordering the sky and the earth he created a race of giants, but when he saw that they did not reciprocate with him, he turned them into stones at the same time. sent a flood "UnuPachacuti"


    Once the flood had passed and the land had dried up, Wiracocha decided to populate it for the second time and to do it more perfectly he created luminous beings that would give clarity. For this he went to the great Lake Titicaca and there he ordered the Sun, the Moon and the stars to come out and go up to the heaven to give its light to the world. Seeing that the Moon was brighter than the Sun, he threw a handful of ash on her face and from that time on the Moon remained the color it has now.


    Wiracocha's envoy appeared, a man with a large body who showed great authority, called Wiracochan or Tunupa. He wore a tattered tunic that reached down to his feet: he had short hair, a crown on his head and a staff like those worn by ancient priests and astronomers, he also carried a bundle in which he carried the gifts with which he rewarded to the people who listened to him.


    Wiracocha continued on his way doing his works, reaching the equinox line near the Equator, where he informed the people about the many things that would happen. He told them that over time people would come claiming to be Wiracocha and they should not believe them. And having said this, he entered the sea walking on the water as if it were its foam.




    To capture a legend today is to tell a fantasy story thousands of years old, with the uncertainty and confusion of whether it was real or not.


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    1. Original work packed according to its type

          a. Sculpture - Guacal

          b. Paintings - Rolled

    2. Work certificate issued by the artist.

    3. Heritage and culture certificate for the departure of the works from the country.

    4. Commercial certificate and appraisal by the ColombianArt Gallery.

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