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The scribe - Patricia Cárdenas Master
  • The scribe - Patricia Cárdenas Master

    Technique: Bronze sculpture with a marble base
    Measures: 15 x 15 x 16.5 cm
    Year: 2021
    Country:  Colombia
    Price: USD$2000

    • Description

      Scribe Woman in the cube, Each side of the cube has a writing, the oldest is cuneiform, on the other side the hieroglyphics, there is one more very vegetable, and on the other remaining side a stellar one, she in her scribe code records everything that the bird tells him.

      The daily life of a perfect doing so that being remains. It is a piece made of bronze, with a marble base. Cast in Armando Arango's workshop in 2021.


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      1. Original work packed according to its type

            a. Sculpture - Guacal

            b. Paintings - Rolled

      2. Work certificate issued by the artist.

      3. Heritage and culture certificate for the departure of the works from the country.

      4. Commercial certificate and appraisal by the ColombianArt Gallery.

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