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Artist: Kelly Galindo Feria

Technique: Oil on canvas
Measures: 100 x 80 Cms
Year: 2023
Country: Colombia
Price: USD $1.800,00


    Legend of La Madremonte: Caretaker of the Earth


    The legend of La Madremonte is a story rooted in the oral tradition of the Colombian Amazon and part of the eastern Llanos.


    Mother Monte is represented as a beautiful and strong woman, half woman and half mountain; dressed in leaves and green moss, whose face cannot be seen.


    This supernatural being punishes all those who harm nature, especially greedy hunters and woodcutters; to those who invade land and fight over boundaries; to the disloyal, to the perverse, to unfaithful husbands and to vagabonds.


    The story goes that when La Madremonte bathes in the headwaters of the rivers, they become cloudy and overflow, causing floods and strong storms.


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    1. Original work packed according to its type

          a. Sculpture - Guacal

          b. Paintings - Rolled

    2. Work certificate issued by the artist.

    3. Heritage and culture certificate for the departure of the works from the country.

    4. Commercial certificate and appraisal by the ColombianArt Gallery.

    Shipping data:


    1. Buyer's name

    2. Personal Identification Number

    3. Full address (Address, city, region and Country)

    4. Cell phone number

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    The shipping service is carried out in a personalized way through the lines WhatsApp + 57 301 769 05 32, + 57 301 220 41 50 ColombianArt Gallery


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