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The ColombianArt Gallery was created by its director Sandra Vlcek since 2013 in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic with the firm commitment to promote Colombian and Latin American art in European lands.

Things come from crazy ideas, and in 2024 we will celebrate 11 years where to date we have been directly linked to international platforms such as:

Artstaq, where ColombianArt has 25% of the total. Artists evaluated and accepted with the parameters managed by the international platform.

The Mondial Art Academy  linked as a voting and jury partner in its international private competitions and ambassador for the Czech Republic.

We are Representative Agents for Latin America of OneProve, now Veracity Art Protocol, Artificial Intelligence Platform for the Registration of Works at an International Level, anti-fraud. (


At ColombianArt Gallery we promote Colombian and Latin American art in European lands, connecting the cultures of the world through its multiple artistic manifestations.



To become the most visited and recognized art gallery in Colombia by tourists and art lovers by 2030, contributing to the economic, social, cultural and environmental development of the country in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our Partners

Continental Lawyers, Ecuador

Curadora Elizabeth Garzón, Colombia

Mondial Art Academia, Francia

Artstaq, Reino Unido

Veracity Protocolo, República Checa

Icalmarte Internacional, Barcelona

Baricharte Internacional, Colombia

Galeria Frida Kahlo, México

Código 520, Colombia.

Gran Hotel Medellín, Colombia.

Cluster de Hoteles Centro W de Medellín, Colombia.

We have the permanent accompaniment of our allies Continental Lawyers of Ecuador, lawyers specialized in copyright.

The specialized curatorial processes of all the works of art are executed by the curator Elizabeth Garzón, a master with a degree in plastic arts and a postgraduate degree in Latin American studies.

Icalmarte Internacional in Barcelona, with which since 2020 we have coordinated collective exhibitions in Colombia, opening space to more than 20 artists between Colombia, Venezuela, Panamá, Israel and Kazakhstan

Baricharte Internacional in Colombia is an open space in the city of Barichara (Santander), a heritage town in Colombia due to its historical and architectural richness.  With their support we arrived at the Frida Kahlo Gallery in Mexico and together we have exhibited around 300 works by artists in their facilities, at the University of Sinaloa, Mexico and at the Casa de Cantabria in Madrid, Spain.

We are linking up with national entrepreneurs such as El Gran Hotel Medellín,  which since 2022 has become our main venue where we hold art exhibitions with national and international artists, craft fairs in alliance with the artisans' guild of the city of Medellín, literary and poetry events. Thus integrating culture and tourism that comes to live a different experience to the city

In 2023, seeking to provide the art experience for the entire city, the Centro W Hotel Cluster of the Medellín district "Centro W" arrives as a fundamental ally to complement the strategy with 20 hotels who make their facilities available and contain an innovative experience.

Explore the Collection

Colombian Artists - New Collection

Past Events

Exposición COLOR VIDA Artista Saúl Restrepo CORPTURAL - Enero 2024
Exposición Rostros de Multiplicidad - Febrero 22 de 2024 Hotel Mándala Belén
Exposición Recyclemos
Exposición Arrebatos
Celebración 10 Años Galería ColombianArt Mayo 2023
Festival Literario Jerico Abril 21 al 23 2023
Exposición DAR A LUZ
Exposición Ama-ne-seres
Salón Baricharte
Exposición De lo patológico al postfuturo
Inauguración Sala de Arte CORTURAL
Exposición de Arte SUM EGO
ColombianArt Gallery
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