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Mondial Art Academia, Francia

Art Manager

MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA 's mission is to contribute to the DEVELOPMENT, RECOGNITION and lasting and profound success of its members through aesthetic and creative rigor, in search of remarkable work.

We want the art lover to be able to consider as an accessible investment, a work selected with the greatest care, triggering the crush and an informed investment.

MONDIAL ART ACADEMIA aims to generate enthusiasm by:

  • Its website, its virtual gallery.

  • Its award-winning competitions.

  • The organization of prestigious exhibitions, the choice of stands in quality fairs, carefully selected for their reputation, their high level of attendance and their sales potential (Foire de Lille, Toulouse, Karlsruhe, Florence, Paris, etc. ).

  • Our privileged partnership with various media, magazines, radio, TV, various municipalities, cultural associations, fairs where experienced or recent collectors meet. Personalities, patrons and lay buyers by giving them a selective overview of our members through a homogeneous representation of their art.

Mondial Art Academia, Francia
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