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Javier Álvarez Master


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As a cultural manager I have worked in various educational, artistic and community processes in Medellín, as an artist I have participated in different collectives such as: Taller 7, Urbánicos, La Miscelánea, Aluna Producciones, and currently I lead the artistic collective comuna 10.


I am a teacher graduated from the UdeA I made my monograph on the subject of: "Transit, uncertainty and uprooting; A proposal of artistic cartography", in the professionalization program of Bachelor of Plastic Arts 2019.


This has helped me to work with vulnerable and displaced population, As a member and co-founder of Taller 7 I have trained in cultural management processes and I have studied curatorship within the framework of the International Art Meeting City of Medellín MDE07, Museum of Antioquia where I studied with renowned curators of the national scene such as: José Roca,  Jaime Cerón, Juan Alberto Gaviria and Alberto Sierra among others.

In Taller 7 we generated an alternative gallery space in which we promoted for about 15 years contemporary art exhibitions where artists frequently exhibited with students and emerging artists, from this valuable experience I had many learnings that I have then used to manage spaces and exhibitions. In 2009 I participated again in the MDE09 also as a member of Taller 7 where I exhibited collectively at the Museum of Antioquia and then in 2011 I also participated in the MDE011 already as a teacher of plastic arts at the Cultural Development Center of Moravia, there I developed multiple exhibitions of the courses in which I taught and shared my knowledge,  in 2016 I managed an exhibition where CDCM students could exhibit their work at the Casa de la Cultura de Manrique, after this I have worked in different functions as a lecturer and curator of exhibitions such as the Audiovisual Festival and Plastic Festival Comuna 10.


2019 and 2020, on this last occasion I spoke about the theme "conjunctures and opportunities in times of pandemic a look from the history of art" and in "Art and pandemic a look from the artists" that was developed at the Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater.



2019. Licenciado en Educación Artes plásticas UdeA.

2017. Residencia artística Arte +Ingeniería. Convergencia creativa.

2016. Tecnólogo en Animación Digital . Sena.

2007. Técnico en edición de video. Convenio Sena -UdeA.

2007. Taller de Curaduría. en el marco del Encuentro Internacional MDE07, Museo de Antioquia. UN.


2022. Cuerpo, Carne y Piel; un solo Manto, Edificio san Ignacio paraninfo U. de A. Medellín. Col.

2015. Mural Artístico "Bienvenidas Migratorias del Viento", Segundo Festival de la Aves, Medellín Capital Mundial de las Aves, Sociedad Antioqueña de Ornitología-– LAB 50 Migratory Birds, Programa DeseartePaz- Centro Colombo Americano.

2014.  «Elemento», Casa Teatro El Poblado, Medellín.

2010.  «Obsesión, Color, Luz y Formas» Café Colombo Americano, Medellín.

2008. “En Cuadro”,  Casa de La Cultura El Poblado.

2005. “Monumento”, Centro Colombo Americano, Medellín.

2004. “Éxodo” Taller 7, Medellín. 


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